Flood Restoration Auckland- Carpet drying & cleaning Services

Kiwisafeas provides flood/water damage restoration services in Auckland using a latest drying techniques to quick & efficient restore the flooded property and dry wet carpet areas. Our IICRC Certified team visit and inspect the water damage restoration site every 24 hours.

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Our flood clean-up process involves: 

Our Prices for Flood/Water Damage Restoration

Please note that for water extraction services after hour, we charge time and a half i.e., extra $10 per meter square. For contaminated water like flooding, we may charge $25-$50 per meter square, depending on the extent of the damage

In general, drying a carpet with dehumidifiers and air blowers can take 2-4 days, while other surfaces will take up to 6 or more depend on the damage.


Kiwisafeas Aims to Restore Your Property Back to Original

Our Technicians have been trained to the IICRC international standard for water damage restoration & applied structural drying. These Certificate Require an understanding of construction materials and methods, knowledge of psychrometry and extensive practical training. We can then confidently assess an affected area, develop & implement a restoration plan and ensure your property is dried to the correct standards (S500).